Elia Sarai Salinas

Fine Artist from San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

aka “Nochipa”  (Náhuatl, Aztec language), which means Forever.

I am a multidisciplinary artist, I feel passion about Photography, Painting, Drawing, Singing, Dancing and Acting. Even though I have more inclination for Painting, I love to explore different ways of expression.

As a Painter I had been through a variety of trends. I began exploring painting at the age of 15 expressing myself in an abstract and surrealistic way, with a lot of experimental colorful strokes, and splashes.

After 2 years of autodidactic painting. I got accepted in college “ Escuela Estatal de Artes Plásticas” in San Luis Postosí, México; Where I learn about  Renaissance and Baroque Art, and I started  painting  Human Figure. I found it quite interesting and I painted Human figure for about 4 years. My topics were mental illness, bipolar personalities, and women’s in contemporary false beauty stereotypes.  

After I graduated I started wondering about the concepts I was going to propose for thesis, I realized I was bored with realism, I wanted new ideas of expression, new techniques, I wanted to create my own way to paint.  I made myself forget about “my style”. That’s when the fun begun.  I painted out of concepts, just the feeling of me as a natural expression along with color. I used oils, acrylics, encaustic, aerosol; I applied the painting with random tools, like forks, piping tips, handmade spatulas.  Also, I went from painting indoors to outdoor painting. One day I realized Encaustics colors had changed because of the exposure in to the sunny days, and the results captured my attention. I decided to take encaustics and oils on a different and bigger conception.

My Thesis would be focused on environmental warming, how the extremely changing solar radiations affect humans, our brains, wild life and every particle in the planet including my material. The results were amazing. My ideas were projected in a lyrical expressionist, abstracts, and minimal directions.

I inaugurated a 25 piece solo exhibition called SOL-ES (SUN- IS / SUNS) at 5 De Mayo Gallery, in San Luis Potosí, México; every piece contains an advice for humans to take care of our planet, we need to be aware of this eminent environmental problem. Now! Recycling, using energy in a moderate way, using bicycle for short distances, and lots of other ways that can improve our environment, if each of us makes a little change in our lives, we all can make a huge difference.

I am also known by my Animal Portraiture, which is a different way to express for me, the dog and cat portraits make me feel like a a can get to know animals and the way the communicate with humans is quite intestine for me. I enjoy painting animals and it is very rewarding seeing my costumers very happy about their portrait. 

Currently I live and work in Idyllwild, CA. 

 Elia Sarai Salinas