Elia Sarai Salinas

Fine Artist from San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

aka “Nochipa”  (Náhuatl, Aztec language), which means Forever.

I am a Mexican artist, I really don't have an specific  trend to create, since I enjoy painting abstract and also in more realistic techniques. One thing that its always present in my art is color, texture and life. 

I feel passion about Photography, Painting, Drawing, Singing, Dancing and Acting. Even though I have more inclination for Painting, I love to explore different ways of expression.

n the past 5 years I have been living in Florida, LA, Indiana, Alaska, Maryland, Virgiana and Mexico City. 

I love traveling, going to new places makes me so very happy because I don't always know who or what will I see or met next. My perceptions are always awake for new colors, forms, languages and this is a very vital part of my creativity that's why I like to paint and I use it as a way of communication to others. 

In painting I like to capture my joy for life, adventure and cultures. My passion is to meet new people and find out more about new cultures. 

As a portraiture artist its fun to represent a being on a piece of paper or canvas and have the feeling that that being is living in that moment and will last forever as a piece of art. 

Lately I have been getting back to painting landscapes as well, I like the challenge of the plain air painting like the impressionist did in the past I push myself to finish a painting in 1 or 2 hours and capture that one hill or lake or cloud that shares the day with me. 

I am also known by my Animal Portraiture, which is a different way to express for me, the dog and cat portraits make me feel like a a can get to know animals and the way the communicate with humans is quite interesting for me. I enjoy painting animals and it is very rewarding seeing my costumers very happy about their portrait. 

Currently I live and work in Idyllwild, CA with my Fiancé who is really supportive and loving. 

Please contact me if you would like to be part of my collectors.

Much love, 

 Elia  Salinas

Idyllwild, CA